MacStellar Clean Earth

a 501c-3 non-profit organization spreading the environment cleaning message.

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Any donation is very welcome to us but a better way of donating will be participating, we believe that creating an awareness of maintaining our cities clean should be our number one goal.  Our life becomes better with certain believes, people getting together exchanging ideas and roles. As the time goes by population of our planet increases, communication and influences becomes a powerful tool that can be used in any direction including our political influences but mostly will help our planets, countries, estates, cities, and neighborhoods.  Our organization through our blog will allow us to exchange ideas and give us a common goal.

We experience, every time that a new person becomes a member, the social benefit of actual meeting in real-life people and talking also going out, picking up is called, the physical interaction

Cleanup or pickup days  seems to be a fun day for us that we’re looking forward to repeat and its difficult to imagine the feeling of satisfaction, achievement and being a part of a group  at the end of the day, more importantly in the end of the line there is no catch, it will cost you nothing and it will give you a lots of pleasure and the result will always remain that we’re living in a better environment Take the challenge and participate and either way a donation of any kind will change things towards the better.

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